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Quay Management has been successfully providing onshore accommodation in Cowes for over 20 years and has an extensive list of both private and corporate clients.

Currently there are around 200 properties being rented in Cowes and we manage approximately half of them, which we think speaks volumes about the service we provide.

Having one of the largest portfolios of Cowes rental properties means we can offer accommodation for all the Cowes-based events and regattas. We also have many properties available to rent all through year.

Quay Management have built a solid reputation for doing three things extremely well:

1. Finding exceptional properties that offer a Home from Home experience to our visitors

2. Supporting our property owners by effectively managing advertising, communication and payments in a highly professional way that has led us being trusted by more owners than any other agent on the island.

3. Providing friendly, approachable and helpful support to our visitors and ensuring that through correct communication the solving of any problems or help required is immediate and without stress.

As a property owner you can relax in the knowledge that we have the experience and expertise needed to make renting your property for events, regattas or summer holidays easy, profitable and indeed both stress and risk free.

Introduction Quay Management has been successfully providing onshore accommodation in Cowes for over 20 years and has an extensive list of both private and corporate clients. We have one of the largest portfolios of Cowes rental properties and offer accommodation for all the Cowes-based events and regattas – We also have properties available to rent all through year. This website gives visitors the opportunity to: search through our property database online; view property facilities and photographs; allowing them to compare and enquire about properties quickly.

Quay Management takes the effort out of arranging visitors stays in Cowes allowing them to enjoy the sailing and the events and activities the island offers.

We work with property owners who are able to provide properties that offer an "home-from-home" experience which maximises visitor their enjoyment whilst off the water allowing them to relax with friends and soak up the summer party atmosphere in Cowes during the evenings.

Frequently asked questions:

A. How big is the regatta and events rental business in Cowes?

Q. There are currently in excess of 200 properties in Cowes which are rented out during the major regattas in the Cowes area currently we manage approximately half of those. Over the last 20 years we have proved that our company can be relied upon to manage the advertising, rental, payment and guest support in a very professional way - which is why so many owners trust us with their property.

A. How much money can I realistically gain from renting my property through Quay Management?

Q. The basic method of working out the cost of properties is on a per head per night basis. Large properties close to town carry a premium, and the closer you are to the Marinas the better. Prices vary from 25 pounds per head pre night to 160 pounds per head per night depending on location, size and quality.

Q. I am concerned that my property or furniture will get damaged.

A. In the event of damage (which is extremely rare) you are covered by a damage bond which is approx £ 50 pounds per head per night (a minimum of £250 pounds) .

Upon completion of the rental we contact you and if any damage has occurred we have a straight forward process requiring the completion of a form that we send you. Simply return the form with receipts for any breakages and we will deduct these before return of the damage bond to the visitor. If there is any dispute then we will work on your behalf to sort the problem.

In reality damage is very rare and the number of claims made over the last twenty years are very low - it's certainly not something that should deter you from gaining income from your property.

Q. What are visitors looking for?

In general visitors are either sailing in the regattas or connected with them. People who spend to stay in Cowes are serious about racing here and are not of the "heavy partying" crowd found in other seaside locations around the country.

Visitors tend to bring their families who treat the regattas as the summer holiday.

In addition there are professionals who work in the regatta industry, these include, film crews, RIB drivers and organisers etc i.e.people who are here simply to work but need a property to relax in during the evenings.

Properties that have personality and a wealth of facilities, which offer close proximity to the marinas or offer parking are very popular. Properties that can accommodate large groups, offer attractive gardens and provide a BBQ and the washing and drying facilities needed by sailing crews also rent very well and for good prices.

In addition, apartments that only cater for couples which are on the marinas with balconies are also very popular.


A. How in demand are properties on the island during the Regatta and events season?

Q. Currently we manage about half the available property in Cowes (around 200 properties) - we are always looking for high quality properties which are close to the marinas as demand for all sizes of property always out strips demand.

Over the last decade the numbers of people competing and attending the events has continued to increase with Cowes seeing a number of highly prestigious events growing in popularity. We are also seeing an increase in demand for accommodation for other events such as the IOW Festival and CycleFest.


A How do I calculate how many visitors my property can accommodate?

In general unless there are couples in the visiting group, each bed whether single or double counts as one. We do not count Sofa beds and futons in lounges as full beds but they may count as child or lower cost accommodation.

Key to the accommodation limit are the number of bathrooms. We work on the basis that the maximum number of guests who can share a bathroom is 6. Of course there is a little flexibility especially if there are additional WC's or shower rooms in either case we can advise you when we visit and view the property.

The best way to sort out the accommodation profile is to give Katie a call so that we can visit you and advise you. As we live and operate on the island we are on hand to answer your questions.


Q. How do I start renting my property with Quay Management?

A. Once you have decided that Quay Management is right for you we will prepare details which you will have every chance to amend, and then we can post them on the website together with photos if you are happy with that.


Q. How does the booking process work?

Once you have decided to let your home, we will circulate details of it to prospective visitors as and when they enquire. If you have agreed to have the details on the internet (without the address of course) potential visitors can search our properties on the website.

Once they have expressed an interest we will collect full details from them as to who they are, and what they want, and we will contact you to see if you are interested in having them as visitors in your home. If you agree, we will send them a booking form and ask for a deposit which is non-refundable. Then, once the deposit has been received we send a contract to the visitor (see a sample here) and a contract to you. 2 months before the let commences we collect the balance of the monies and the damage deposit 2 weeks (which is approx £50 pounds per head) prior to arrival.

We ask you to let us have keys 2 weeks before the let and we arrange for handover at the appointed time. After the let, we ask you to check the house to see that there is no damage or loss, and if all is in order we refund the damage deposit to the visitor.


Q. How do I prepare my house for guests?

The visitor is coming to stay in a home from home, the basis of which is that it is ready to move into with linen and towels provided. Whilst there is not a requirement to provide any food and drinks a welcome pack is well received. We recommend that you remove and store any personal and precious items, but do not feel that you have to remove everything. Most of our owners leave their DVD collections, books and many decorative items without any issues.

Cleanliness is absolutely paramount. We pride ourselves on having only top quality properties and visitors will expect the property (including cookers and ovens) to be in order and clean, If your property has a garden the grass should be cut and any patio areas clear and ready to use. If you offer a BBQ this should be clean and ready to use.

The better condition you leave your house in, the better it will be returned to you.


If you have any questions not covered above please do not hesitate to contact us. We can promise you a completely stress free service based on a breadth of experience you can only gain by working in this market on Cowes for the time Quay Management has been operating. Our owners trust us year in, year out to provide the level of service other companies can only dream about.

If you would like to join the hundreds of Isle of Wight property owners that we have helped over the last two decades we would be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch either by calling Katie Moore on either 01983 651169 or Mobile: 07496 363369. Alternatively use our contact form or drop us an email




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